Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sadie is 3 months old!

Brother and Sister

The many emotions of Sadie (within 2 minutes, such a girl!)

Dylan's first day of preschool!

Dylan was not in the mood at all to have his picture taken for the first day of preschool. But Mommy snapped this one as we were leaving, with much protesting afterward. Such a big boy going to preschool 3 mornings a week now! He adjusted better than I thought (no crying!) and loves it!

The Morning Train

Getting ready to go in the morning can be quite a challenge for Dylan (cooperating in general can be a challenge) so Mommy created the morning train! Just follow the pictures and Dylan gets ready in no time! We were practicing getting out of the house on time for preschool. It worked!

More Lake Arrowhead

We parked the boat right on the small beach, jumped out, and the fun began!

Riding go-carts! That's Dylan in the blue hat but that's not Jared. It's our friend, Randy. Jared had to leave early to go to work that day. Bummer!

Grandma and Dylan on the merry-go-round!

Lake Arrowhead

On Labor Day weekend, we went with our friends to Lake Arrowhead! Dylan loved hanging out with his friends, Tori and Dylan, and their families. Yes, there were 2 Dylans!

Dylan rode on a boat for the first time!! He loved it!

Daddy braved the cold water to swim with Dylan!

Here's Sadie on the boat....peacefully sleeping in her bouncy.