Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thanks Dylan....

Thank you for taking the cutest picture next to the mattress that sat in our living room for a week before we could get rid of it. He actually wanted me to take a picture of him climbing it. :)

Hearst Castle

On our way back from the air show, we stopped at Hearst Castle for a tour. It was beautiful and a great time! As you can see, Dylan is very 3. He only smiles for pictures when he wants to.

Salinas Air Show!

Last weekend we braved the 5 hour drive (that took almost 8 hours) to Salinas, CA, to see Uncle Ben fly in the air show. Seeing him fly was an amazing experience! Dylan was in awe and thrilled to be hanging out with his Uncle Ben!

Me, too!

I wanted to take a picture of Sadie and her matching dolly and Dylan just had to be in the picture, too!

Princess Sadie's throne!

This chair is Sadie's favorite! This way she can see everything that's going on. She definitely does not want to miss any of the action!